Season’s Greetings

Dear Friends,

This year my holiday greeting comes to you in electronic format as I’ve decided to forgo sending traditional paper cards. Not only does this save a tree branch but it is also an opportunity to do something a bit more meaningful on behalf of my family and friends. In lieu of sending cards I have made donations to the Canadian Cancer Society and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). These are just a couple of charities whose missions I strongly support.

There are over 161,000 charities and nonprofit organizations in Canada and every Canadian in every community is touched in some way by these mission-based organizations. This holiday season I would like to ask you to please consider making a gift to the causes that are meaningful to you. This is particularly important in these challenging economic times when charities and nonprofits are often struggling to secure the resources they need to continue to support Canadians and to strengthen our quality of life in our communities across the country.

I wish you and all your loved ones the best this holiday season and that in 2010 you find peace, health, happiness or whatever your heart may desire.

With a warm heart,



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