Volunteer for the Love…

This recent article, Volunteer and You Might Find Your Soul Mate, posted on CNN caught my attention. First, as it relates to my career in the nonprofit sector. I like to stay up-to-date on the various reasons and motivations of why people give back to charities and nonprofits. Second, as a single female active on the dating scene.

On March 21 I attended a wonderful event in Toronto called Timeraiser. The Timeraiser is part volunteer fair and part silent art auction where, rather than money, you bid a number of hours you are willing to volunteer for an organization of your choice over the next 12 months.

The evening was a sell-out event with 500 in attendance. A close friend and I had a fantastic time meeting the various nonprofit organizations and found some great causes that matched our interests. And, amidst the bidding on exceptional artwork, of which I didn’t win, our single female eyes took a sweeping glance at the various men in attendance. After we did a quick categorizing of who we thought were attached and not, we surmised there were many opportunities for both single women and men.

During the course of the evening I decided I would look at volunteer opportunities for Habitat for Humanity and Luminato: Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity. Habitat for Humanity as I do have some handy-woman skills and know how to handle most power tools (thanks Dad). Luminato, because of my background in performing arts marketing and communications.

Finding the CNN article a couple days after my Timeraiser experience served as somewhat of an affirmation of what I was already thinking… time to get out there and volunteer!

Alas, I didn’t make any lasting dating connections at the event but who knows where those volunteer opportunities will lead? Stay tuned.


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